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REXDAN Research Center

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The REXDAN Research Center includes 9 laboratories:


The Laboratory for Sample Conservation and Preparation is used for conditionings, extractions, concentrations, dehydration, etc. which are necessary when preparing solid or liquid samples for analysis in the dedicated laboratories: the Chromatography Laboratory, the Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, the Spectrometry Laboratory and the Aquatic Ecology Laboratory. The samples to be analysed in the Genetics Laboratory are prepared separately.

The Instrumental Analysis Laboratory uses less precise, but generally, more rapid methods for a fair orientation of the activity and of the methodologies to be considered in the other laboratories. High precision determinations are performed for solid and liquid samples in the Chromatography Laboratory by using Gas Chromatography /Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) technologies, in the case of volatile systems, and Liquid Chromotography /Mass Spectrometry  (LC/MS) technologies in the case non-volatilizable ones. The determinations envisage organic chemical species, in particular,  except for the ion chromatography, which is used in the case of inorganic species.

The Spectrometry Laboratory uses various techniques such as: XRF, ICP/MS, spectrophotometry, etc. for inorganic determinations, in particular, both at the elemental level and at the level of ionic species present in aquatic ecosystems.

The Ecology Laboratory is complementary to the corresponding laboratory on the REXDAN research vessel, but the analyses made in the fix research centre have a higher level of precision as compared to those made on the research vessel.

The Genetics Laboratory will be used for making determinations and analyses on aquatic species which are influenced by the pollution of the aquatic environment, especially on ichthyofauna, commonly affected by the metabolites present in some drugs entering the surface waters through the sewerage systems and the municipal wastewater. The equipment is suitable for all types of biological systems.

The Climate Change Observation Platform  includes three main equipments (a cloud radar, a radiometer and a cellometer) whose characteristics have been selected so as to observe the standards imposed by the ACTRIS community. The two compementary equipments (the weather station and the particle concentration and identification analyzer) are used for measuring weather parameters and for analysing atmospheric composition elements relevant in the context of climate change.

The Bathymetry, Hydrology and Topometry Laboratory includes a series of specific instruments which will be used on small boats and on the land auto-laboratory for determinations in the shallow waters of the tributaries, in the predeltaic area and in the Danube Delta.

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